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Beyond the Blues
Understanding and Treating Prenatal
and Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

“I love this book! It is easy to read and use as an informative reference for all aspects of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. I recommend this book to all the OB care provider offices in my hospital system. It’s an excellent book for my clients and required reading for providers I train. Thanks to Pec and

Shoshana for the recent updates which make this great book even better.”

Birdie Gunyon Meyer, RN, MA

Past President, Postpartum Support International

PSI Coordinator and Trainer

Perinatal Mood Disorders Program, Clarian Health

Indianapolis, IN

"Refreshingly easy to read and understand. Informative, concise and truly user friendly. A valuable tool for clinicians and consumers alike."
Joyce A. Venis,R.N.C, Psy.D., MFT, Past President, Depression After Delivery, Inc., Director of  Nursing, Princeton Family Care Assoc.

"Succinct yet informative, a useful guide for the busy practitioner or overwhelmed mother." Valerie Raskin MD, psychiatrist, author of This Isn't What I Expected.

“I recommend this useful book. An excellent source of information on perinatal depression in a straightforward and concise format.”

Leslie Lowell-Stoutenberg, RNC,MS,  Director Pregnancy & Postpartum Mood & Anxiety Disorder Program

President of Postpartum Support International 2013

“In Beyond the Blues, clinical psychologist Bennett and family therapist Indman offer a compact yet surprisingly comprehensive manual on prenatal and postpartum depression. Taking a readable and practical approach, they systematically address screening and assessment, finding a therapist, myths about nursing and bonding, and treatment. Especially interesting and helpful are suggestions for family and friends and tips on "what to say, what not to say." For health professionals, there are ideas about what to emphasize to patients, as well as detailed diagnostic and treatment information. The antidepressant Q&A section is excellent. Beyond the Blues is a quick read with an easy-to-handle format.

Library Journal

There are many important messages in this book but here were a few that really made an impact on me.  Some of them include:


·    One in five women will be affected by postpartum depression or anxiety             but it is a condition that will go away with help.

·    “Women need to speak up and be persistent in getting proper care.”

·    Not all counselors/therapists have experience or knowledge about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.  The book also offers screening questions to find the right practitioner.


“Beyond the Blues” is a vital resource for the whole support team, family, educators, doulas, practitioners, therapists and of course for any woman is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant, or who has recently had a baby.


It should certainly be required reading for any birth professional certification program.

International Childbirth Education Association